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Fall in love with taking care of yourself...Body~Mind~Spirit~Soul.

Your body is HIS Temple. 


About Me

Just as the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly.

I started my journey in health and wellness 12 years ago when I became a Massage Therapist and later a Reflexologist, providing my community and travelers with healing arts. I built a good clientele but one thing I was missing was taking care of my own health.  I had all the components to thrive in providing my services but I overlooked my nutrition.  I was overweight and didn't have much energy...consumed coffee non-stop and continually forgot to eat.  My body went into starvation mode and as a result, I packed on the pounds. 

In 2011, my father passed away and I thought I would never make it without him.  In an effort to mask my pain, I began to adopt very unhealthy and destructive habits that put me in a very bad position.  A position that could have cost me my life.  I saw the light, literally, and conversed with God. I was not ready to go; I promised HIM to love myself and take the upmost care of myself as a whole (body, mind, spirit, soul) as my family needed me now more than ever.  Since that day my life has continued to evolve and I look at life with a whole new perspective.  I'm loving myself healthy. 

Christine M Hodges